Friday, May 26, 2006

10 Habits for Effective Blogging

I'm writing this post for Darren's "Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers" project. I hope this helps someone out there.

I have been writing in my blogs since 5-6 months. I'm not that successful on this but i have my excuses. First my native language is not English,however all of my blogs are in English. So this slows me down. Besides you can't produce high quality content in a foreign language. Despite of this difficulties i didn't give up and i'm still blogging. I have some useful abilities for blogging. First i'm a software engineer. And i like internet technologies too much. Constructing a blog with blogging software is one of the top obstacles for starters. When you overcome this setup phase, it is easy to maintaining your blog on the way.

Here 10 Habits for Effective Blogging

1- Learn your target language at a sufficient level for writing. You can read every article in English but this doesn't show that you will able to write good content in English. Because while learning a foreign language you must separate reading, writing and speaking from each other. I mean you must learn them individually. So before starting a blog, improve your writing in your target language.

2- Read a lot. Read books, newspapers, magazines, weblogs and anything you find. You don't have to read the material that related to your blog's topic. Just keep reading before starting your blog and while blogging. It is very important to read before writing.

3- Determine why will you start that blog. You can write just for fun, to find new friends, to
learn something you always wanted to learn and also you can blog for money. When you assign an intention to your blog, you can see the way in front of you easily. This effects all your decisions.

4- Learn how to use technology. If it is possible, experiment different blogging software, try to switch from IE to firefox, try some advertising systems,learn to use e-mail effectively and make use of rss readers like bloglines. You must use technology wisely. If you're not familiar with these tools it takes some time to get used to them. But after being familiar with them you will understand their benefits for your blogging experiment. And you will be more comfortible while blogging.

5 - Start networking. Blogging is connecting to a community. The philosophy behind blogging is presenting your ideas or experience and getting your readers feedback. So prepare to communicate with people from different personalities.

6- When it comes to improving your blog don't act reluctantly. If you think that you need a new design then work on it. If you want more visitors make some research on this and apply what you learn. If you think that your ads doesn't fit your design then change placement of your ads or redesign your blog. I don't mean when ever you find an idea apply it. I'm just saying here if you really believe that your idea will work then just use it. Or if you believe you lack of something then learn it.

7- Produce your own content and make sure that it is at top quality. This is hardest part of blogging. Because there are too much blog out there and it is not easy to come up with unique ideas. But you don't have to write unique posts every time. Just try to add something from you to your posts. This will make your blog shine in the crowd.

8-Love your blog. I mean have a passion about it. Pretend it as a baby.

9- Write regularly. You can write every day or every weak. At first it can be hard to find a routine. But after a couple of weeks you will come up with a writing routine suitable to your time plan. If possible stick to it. When you find it hard to continue then change it.

10- Don't give up.

Sunday, May 21, 2006



This is my first post here.